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The extravagant provocative appearance, it couldn´t care less. This elegant cigar represents the eternal classic Havana.

Price: $297

Cohiba Coronas Especiales BN
Cohiba Exquisitos

First of all, this is a Cohiba. It doesn´t have the advantage of large shapes, but this made of this Havana the ideal cigar for short breaks. Many connoisseurs have always some SEAONE in their office humidors. In a congress or in a Forum, between two meetings, you can have a short break in « the smoking area » .

Price: $179

This is the shortest cigar in the Linea 1492. It´s small format and relatively thin ring gauge allows a very good and fast burning. It is a Havana with the aristocracy of its elders, but at the same time, it is capable of adapting to the necessarily brief moment of enjoyment during work breaks for example.

Price: $159
Cohiba Siglo I Slb Var Cuban cigars

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